Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 - a year of changes ahead - and positive vibration - Yeah!

Greetings readers,

And Happy New Year. 2019 is definitely going to be a year of change, in so many ways. Hold on to your hats!

While I don't get many readers, that I know of, I am continuing with this blog, posting whenever I get information, or find out about an event. Social media and arts promotion have really changed in the past few years and promotions are done through Twitter and Facebook, and many other means, however, I shall plod ahead with the 'old' way of blogging.

The Quills Quotes & Notes website ( has undergone huge changes to the design, updating the many articles about artists, and general interest subjects, and of course, on my own publications and works. I hadn't done anything to the site since 2012 so this is a wonderful make-over - and because I don't have any special programs to do the changes, every page is handled, one at a time. And I have included the latest news about the artists in the articles, such as Ian Parker, pianist and now conductor ( I hope these articles continue to provide interest and promotion ideas.

So watch here for information on concerts and events.

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