Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Tribute to John Denver

Some may think it strange, a woman singing John Denver's music, but as you may see from the picture on the poster, we could have been brother and sister. He has been a part of my life all the way from Leaving on a Jet Plane to Perhaps Love to Yellowstone (Coming home); you might say, the feminine version. His messages through his songs are as relevant today as they were when he sang them, maybe even more so at this time of crisis. He is so very much alive, and is working for Planet Earth through people around the world, only from the 'other side' of life. His message - "I remain a living force in many lives and work for many on this side to bring to humanity's attention that all those people they have known and loved - and sometimes loathed! - live on in other realms." (From a message to me from John Denver through medium Jan Hunneybell in Australia.)