Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spotlight on One Seed and The Whales' Secret

The Spotlight this month is on the release of my own works, "One Seed" (in English, French, Persian and English-Persian) - - and "The Whales' Secret" (illustrated by Julie Draper) - as FREE downloads.

This comes after repeated nudges these past few years, and after the huge success of the One Seed Video on YouTube that now has over 570,000 viewings. Children around the world have experienced "One Seed" in the home and classroom for everything from biology and seed programs, to character building, and ideas, and even for programs on courage, and how one person (seed) can make a difference in this world. Teachers have sent along over 300 drawings that are now posted on the Kids Art  Gallery -

"One Seed" has also been used for presentations in schools for assemblies and Earth Days, and for Kindergarten graduations. The song has also been shared in peace and environmental awareness demonstrations, in churches and with spiritual and community groups around the world.

In 2002, retired UK school teacher Christine Carruthers prophetically said that One Seed is; "A simple story about life which children and adults the world over will treasure - and the seed will be sown in many a classroom and home..."

That same year, a member of Sound Kamloops in British Columbia, had found a copy of One Seed in the local library and wrote; "This little story... gently reminds us that the courage of one has deep and far-reaching impact."

I give my thanks for having been able to bring this story into reality. I have but been the 'happy medium', putting the story to paper, creating the song, and publishing it. In my gratitude I now pass it on for all to share, on all five continents.

The revised English "One Seed" PDF also includes pages from the educational video about seeds, seeds as ideas, and includes several images from the Kids Art Gallery.

"The Whales' Secret" is a fascinating storybook (metaphor) about life which, besides highlighting beautiful paintings by Julie Draper, also features drawings from children.

Enjoy. In peace and with hope... Rosemary

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