Thursday, September 26, 2013

NoteworthyKids Music FAN CLUB - Registration on NOW

The Backstage FAN CLUB – just for KIDS
with the VI Symphony’s NoteworthyKids Music Fan Club

It’s the chance of a life-time - for kids only – to walk through the Stage Door, hang around backstage, meet musicians, watch a symphony in rehearsal, get a sneak peek behind the scenes, and find out all about the magic and wonder of music. It’s the Vancouver Island Symphony’s NoteworthyKids Music Fan Club - The first FAN CLUB event takes place Friday, October 25 - and registration is on NOW!

Who can join – Children ages 8-12, in the Central Vancouver Island region, who love music - and they don’t have to be learning and playing an instrument – just love music!

Experience the world of music – Can you imagine cartoons, movies, TV, iPods, iPhones, notepads and computers without music? If there was no music anywhere there would be no songs, no symphonies, no sound-effects, no harmonies, no melodies, nothing to dance to, sing to, play to, rest to! It would be a very strange world indeed. When you really think about it, we hear music every day, in one way or another, but do we really know where it comes from, how it is made, or its history? And do you ever wonder what music might sound like in the future? This is your chance to ask questions, get answers and experience the music LIVE with 50+ musicians on stage.

Through the Stage Door! – Not only do kids get their Backstage Pass for the NoteworthyKids events, they get a bright coloured NoteworthyKids T-shirt! During event evenings the backstage teems with bright colours and excitement as kids meet friends or make new friends. Kids meet a new VI Symphony musician at each Fan Club event and learn about their instrument. Then it’s rehearsal time and NoteworthyKids sit anywhere in the theatre and quietly watch as conductor Pierre Simard takes the musicians through their paces to make sure the music is just perfect and ready for the concert the next day!

How to join - To register for the NoteworthyKids Music Fan Club call 250-754-0177. The cost is only $40 for the entire year, and includes a T-shirt and tickets to a show. Bursaries are available based on financial need.


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