Monday, September 10, 2012

Diamond Anniversary Awareness & Networking Conference

Inner-Garden On-line Chapel presents
Diamond Anniversary Awareness
& Networking Conference
Fri., Sept. 28 to Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012
Sullivan Hall, 6306 152nd Street, Surrey BC
Tickets: 503-594-1565

Manifesting Goals and Dreams

Barbara Leonard, author and psychic medium-rare, is celebrating a career that spans 60 years, during which she has authored such titles as Don’t Just Stand There Sucking Your Thumb and The Phenomenal Power of the Curious Mind. She has co-hosted television and radio shows such as CKVU’s “Tomorrow’s Fortune”, been a speaker and presenter at countless events and spiritual centres across Canada, and taught awareness classes for over 35 years.

Leonard is forever re-creating herself, so while celebrating her Diamond Anniversary she is also taking yet another voyage into unchartered waters by bringing together some of the most informative and interesting people she has met through the years to participate in an Awareness and Networking Conference being held at Sullivan Hall in Surrey from Friday, September 28 to Sunday, September 30.

Says Leonard, “It is my hope that everyone has fun at this celebration. It will be a great place to network with people of like mind, to find out how others present their work, and to learn many new and wonderful techniques to help live a more fulfilled life, and, help others fulfil their dreams.”

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Events include “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” on Friday evening with interviews, audience participation and demonstrations of mediumship. Leonard and Derrick Whiteskycloud will co-host The Old Sages of past TV shows like Tomorrow’s Fortune and The Curious Mind. Guests include Gloria and Martin Brough, Norma Cowie and Richard T. Clark. Representing the mediums of today and tomorrow are Karie-Anne and Friends, Charlie Seaman, Patricia Connor, Rosemary Phillips and others.


Between delicious meals and networking coffee breaks there are informative presentations: Norma Cowie, teacher, consultant, tarot reader and author of eight books; E, Patricia Connor with Joy Ross for Kindness is Key; Ted Kuntz, author of Peace Begins With Me; business consultant Cris Leonard and Who Will You Blame for Your Success; Richard T. Clarke of Inner Fitness; Rosemary Phillips with Mediumship and Music; Donna Bain and Healing with Lafter; Quantum Force with hypnotist Jeannie Martin; Janet and Ray Helm and Speaking with Ease; Pat Antoniak introducing Psycho-Neuro-Endo-Immunology and the Mind-Body Connection;  and hypnotherapist Jeannie Martin presenting Quantum Focus.

Saturday Night Stage Show

Then it’s time for an evening of fun-filled and exciting entertainment - from great sing-along music with singer-songwriter Rosemary Phillips, to messages from evidential medium Shana Lee Gibson and the great African rhythms, dance and movement with actor, storyteller and dancer Jean Pierre Makosso.

Let’s not forget the food

One of Leonard’s hats over these 60 years has been feeding people, lots of people, with great food. So while this weekend is about networking and learning, it is also about enjoying delectable food from a fantastic menu.

 For more information about the conference and special rates visit  . To book a passport for the whole weekend or for individual event call: 604-594-1565.

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