Friday, February 10, 2012

Believe - with Ken Lavigne and the Vancouver Island Symphony

The Vancouver Island Symphony presents
Saturday, February 18, 7:30 p.m.
Guest Artist: Ken Lavigne, Tenor
Conductor: Pierre Simard
The Port Theatre
Tickets: 250-754-8550

Believe - a VI Symphony Valentine

Ken Lavigne, popular Vancouver Island tenor, believes!  So much so that he lives his hopes and dreams with all his heart. In a season dedicated to Music for Your Heart and Soul, the Vancouver Island Symphony, under the baton of Pierre Simard, presents a special Valentine treat - Believe.  On Saturday, February 18, the theatre will be filled to overflowing with love, romance, hopes, dreams and magnificent music with Lavigne’s amazing voice, his natural and charming rapport with the audience, genuine stage presence - and his heart.

Many will know Lavigne for his memorable trip to New York in 2009 when he went, against all odds, with one of his dreams (and many Vancouver Island supporters) to perform at Carnegie Hall, the world’s most prestigious concert stage. Accompanied by the New York Pops Orchestra under the baton of Simon Capet, Lavigne received three standing ovations and excellent reviews from New York critics.

“I had an epiphany one day,” says Lavigne. “Why was I waiting for something to happen?” And while one dream has been fulfilled, Lavigne continues to further his passion, performing with symphonies and orchestras internationally. “Since the Carnegie Hall concert I have made appearances in Los Angeles and Victoria with (Grammy winner) David Foster at the piano, and I’ve toured through the US. I want to take every opportunity I do have in front of an audience to make it as memorable a moment as possible. I believe that when you talk about following your dreams you leave people elated and inspired, that they too can do what they want to do, they can make their dreams happen.” Here Lavigne laughs, “You may have to work hard, and you may not end up where you envisioned, but it’s a beautiful ride and the destination is a good one.” 

And as Lavigne follows his dreams his voice evolves. “It’s maturing with age like a wine. I’m at an age where things are falling into place; before, I would struggle for a particular sound, now it is happening automatically. The style of music is evolving and things are becoming easier... but that comes from hard work!”

Throughout a program of familiar ballads, show tunes and classical cross-over favourites (and surprises)  Lavigne weaves a thread, joining each song with anecdotes, mostly of the humorous kind, that have audiences rollicking with laughter. All the while it’s his music that will touch the heart, with a voice that Cabaret Exchange of New York describes as being like “...liquid gold.”

This is definitely music for the heart and soul. Tickets for Believe are available by calling 250-754-8550. For information visit For Ken Lavigne, his formal biography and recordings, visit: And for interview articles and a review visit .

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